Meet the
Glam Girls

Mink Wink Lashes was created out of a true passion for lashes. The founders, Joyela and Michelle, are dedicated to the pursuit of glamour. They are kindred souls, both searching to bring effortless glamour that is so often lost by today’s women. The ladies are both modern women and are unwilling to compromise on the practicalities and ease of blending glamour with the realities of today’s lifestyle. And so…they’ve perfected the mink lash with all women in mind.

These eyelash innovators tested, sampled and created during hours of bathroom mayhem, interspersed by fits of giggles when things went wrong. The perfect mink eyelash collection finally came into being. They’ve created what they love and the ladies hold their product to the highest standards. This is reflected in everything from the quality of the mink used, the matching accessories, to the carrying case that ensures they are stored and transported with absolute ease between wears.

The Mink Wink woman is a confident woman who will turn heads in jeans and a t-shirt because of who she is and how she wears them. She is the woman who chooses lashes as an extension of herself depending on who she wants to be that day. Mink Wink Lashes has a collection that offers variety in terms of styles, shapes and lengths. There is a perfect pair just begging to be applied. A pair that will transform you into a modern age of glamour.

Many companies promise pretty. Mink Wink Lashes delivers GLAM.